This is my project to create a disk based operating system for Elf class computers. I am designing this OS initially for the hardware that I already have for my real Elf.


6/11/2008 Fixed 256 line problem with Elf/OS EDIT command. This can be found on the Elf/OS downloads page. The Elf/OS distribution file does NOT have the fixed version.
0.2.8 192 8/21/2007 Corrected problem in o_seek when seeking beyond eof.
0.2.8 186 3/16/2007 Corrected problem in BININST.
0.2.8 7/31/2006 Added o_execbin and o_setdef API calls
Added support for sectors per lump as power of 2 from 1 to 128
Kernel now attempts to execute /BIN/SHELL on startup
7/28/2006 Posted "Inside Elf/OS" documentation
0.2.6 3/1/2005 Added filename validation to o_open. It should no longer be possible to create/open files with illegal filenames. Valid filename characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _, and .
Final slash no longer needed on CHDIR and RMDIR
Final slash does not cause invalid directories on MKDIR
DIR now lists in wide mode
Added printer i/o vectors
Date/Time written in directories when RTC is present
Bios 1.0.4 or higher is required
Updated Elf/OS manual
1/25/2005 Updated BIOS to version 1.0
Updated ASM
12/10/2004 Updated INSTALL, DUMP, SAVE, and LOAD
0.2.5 12/09/2004 Fixed some bugs in SAVE, DUMP, LOAD, and INSTALL
Changed the boot sequence to remove the AutoBaud feature, this makes the kernel easier to use when using BIOSIO. If BIOSIO is not being used, then the serial AutoBaud will be still be executed
The Elf/OS installer is still serial only, but I do plan on releasing a BIOSIO version of the installer soon
0.2.4 11/30/2004 Terminal I/O archetecture for kernel changed to allow for other types of terminal devices.
O_TYPE, O_MSG, O_READKEY, O_INPUT have been added (these currently call F_TYPE, F_MSG, F_READKEY, F_INPUT from BIOS)
Kernel now attempts to execute /INIT during boot process. This can be any Elf/OS executable program, but must return properly to Elf/OS at conclusion. Initially this can be used to initialize other I/O devices or other system specific devices. I will be writing a full INIT prgram that can read a startup script for running multiple programs at startup.
09/14/2004 Added RC/Lisp to Elf/OS software page
Updated EDIT
0.2.3 08/26/2004 Added modes 1 and 2 to o_seek, added append option to o_open
Updated STAT command
0.2.2 08/05/2004 Mostly small changes. Added STAT command
07/21/2004 Updated ASM, DUMP, and SAVE
0.2 07/13/2004 Added subdirectory support, added truncate on open to o_open
0.1 06/29/2004 Intial release of Elf/OS. Screen Shots


These files contain only the install package. A valid BIOS is required to install and use these packages. The source contains only the kernel source, sources to other tools can be found on the Elf/OS software page.

0.1 6/29/2004 hex intel source
0.2 7/13/2004 hex intel source
0.2.2 8/05/2004 hex intel source
0.2.3 8/26/2004 hex intel source
0.2.4 11/30/2004 hex intel source
0.2.5 12/09/2004 hex intel source
0.2.6 3/1/2005 hex intel source
0.2.6 5/10/2005 Elf 2000 Version
0.2.8 3/31/2007 hex intel source
0.2.8 8/23/2007 Elf 2000 Version

Elf/OS Software downloads

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