Pico/Elf V2

8/27/2021 Posted Elf/OS 4.1.0
4/14/2021 Posted Rc/Pilot+ distribution package on the software page
Posted Rc/Mouse distribution package on the software page
Posted Rc/VTL2 distribution package on the software page
Posted Elf/OS HELP libraries for the above languages on the software page
Updated TYPE to build 6
Updated HELP to build 11
3/11/2021 Posted CHMOD.19 which now supports +x -x +w -w +h -h
Posted DIR.8 which honors the hidden flag
2/26/2021 Posted new PEV2 runtime ROM on the software page
Posted new floating point subroutines on software page
Posted trig subroutines on software page
Posted 32-bit integer subroutines on software page
Posted scalable integer subroutines on software page
Posted string subroutines on software page
1/17/2021 Posted version 0.3.2 of Elf/OS
11/17/2020 Added some updates to the Pico/Elf page
Added documentation on the Elf/OS page for adding XMODEM support to Elf/OS
11/2/2020 Posted version 2.7 of the emulator, now supporting emulation of the Pico/Elf V2
Updated Pico/Elf V2 ROM for XR/XS
Posted some binaries suitable for sending to an Elf/OS system using XR
10/26/2020 Posted several Pico/Elf V2 ROM images and documentation to the Software page
9/28/2020 Posted Pico/Elf V2 bios on the Pico/Elf page
9/22/2020 For those who got the Micro/Elf boards that I had ordered from JLCPCB, they missed the silkscreen layer with the part names. Here is a layout diagram showing what parts go where.
8/13/2020 I have received a stock of Micro/Elf boards, these are available for $1.45 each plus shipping. The Pico/Elf prototypes are still being tested, I have run out of prom chips for making a bios so am awaiting an order of proms.
8/4/2020 Since every now and then I get requests for Micro/Elf boards and having found a low price source for them, I have decided to order a stack of 50 boards. If interested in a Micro/Elf board contact me. Projected price on these boards is $1.45 per board plus shipping.
8/2/2020 New page for Pico/Elf V2 announcements has been created
7/31/2020 Been a very long time since I have done much with the 1802, but after having several requests lately for Pico/Elf V2 boards, I have decided to dust off this project and see about getting some boards made. I will try to get a Pico/Elf V2 page put together here in the next couple days to give some details about this machine and to keep you updated on this project.
11/6/2017 Posted version 1.0.6 of the BIOS
11/6/2017 Updated rcbasic source to fix gosub error. I believe Mark Albene is the originator of this fix? Note: I only fixed the source code, binaries for Rc/Basic are still wrong. I will update those too when I get the chance.
6/11/2008 Posted fixed version of Elf/OS EDIT program
8/21/2007 Posted version 0.2.8 Build 192 of Elf/OS
8/20/2007 Posted initial version of LINK2
7/09/2007 Posted version 3.0 of Rc/Asm
4/07/2007 Posted version 2.6 of the emulator
3/16/2007 Posted version 0.2.8 build 186 of Elf/OS
7/31/2006 Posted version 0.2.8 of Elf/OS
7/28/2006 Posted "Inside Elf/OS" document on the Elf/OS page
7/19/2006 posted initial version of ASM2 linking assembler
5/3/2006 posted version 2.8 of Rc/Asm
4/20/2006 posted version 2.5 of the emulator
3/28/2006 posted Pico/Elf V2 design files on the hardware page
3/22/2006 posted version 2.4b of the emulator
2/22/2006 Updated ROM version of RC/Forth on Software page
Updated ROM version of Edt/Asm on Software page
Updated Rc/Basic source on Software page
2/8/2006 posted version 2.6 of Rc/ASM
1/19/2006 posted version 0.2 of the Elf/OS integrated shell
1/5/2006 Added shell utility to Elf/OS software downloads
10/3/2005 Added Floating point routines to software page
Added disktools.tgz to the Emulator page
Added some photos to the photo gallery
6/28/2005 Added 512k Memory expansion schematic to hardware page
6/17/2005 Added zrun3 to software page
5/23/2005 Added schematic for voice synthesizer to hardware page
5/10/2005 Updated Rc/Asm to version 2.5
5/4/2005 Added LBR to software page
5/3/2005 Added XS and XR to software page
4/29/2005 Updated Rc/Asm to version 2.4
4/14/2005 Posted ROM and Elf/OS versions of Rc/Basic L1
Posted ROM and Elf/OS versions of Rc/Basic L2
Posted source for Rc/Basic
All of these can be found on the software page
3/1/2005 Updated BIOS to version 1.0.4
Updated Elf/OS to version 0.2.6
1/25/2005 Updated BIOS to version 1.0
Updated Elf/OS version of ASM
12/22/2004 Added ROM version of Edt/Asm to Software page
12/13/2004 Updated Pico/Elf schemtic and board files
Added Pico/Elf I/O expansion files to hardware page
12/10/2004 Updated INSTALL, LOAD, DUMP, and SAVE on Elf/OS software downloads
12/09/2004 Released version 0.2.5 of Elf/OS
Posted version 0.7 of BiosIO
11/30/2004 Released version 0.2.4 of Elf/OS
11/29/2004 Released version 2.3 of emulator
11/24/2004 Added schematic for TMS9118/TMS9918 graphics card
11/23/2004 Added photo gallery
11/09/2004 Added Eagle files for Pico/Elf on hardware page
10/11/2004 Released version 0.9 of the BIOS
Added a ROM version of RC/Forth to the software page
Added a ROM version of RC/Lisp to the software page
9/14/2004 Added rudimentory manual for Elf/OS in the Elf/Os page
Added Rc/Lisp to the Elf/OS software page
Updated EDIT command for Elf/OS
8/26/2004 Released version 0.2.3 of Elf/OS
8/05/2004 Updated Elf/OS to version 0.2.2
Updated BiosIO to version 5
7/28/2004 Added Eagle .sch files for Micro/Elf and expansions
7/21/2004 Released V0.8 of the Elf/OS BIOS
Updated Elf/OS programs: ASM, DUMP, SAVE
Updated schematic for port extender
Updated schematic for Micro/Elf expansion board
7/13/2004 Released Elf/OS V0.2
6/29/2004 Updated Emulator to v2.2 (both unix and windows)
Released Elf/OS V0.1
6/07/2004 Updated Emulator
Updated Rc/Asm
Updated Elf/OS BIOS to version 0.7
5/25/2004 Added Eagle .BRD files for the Micro/Elf and Micro/Elf hexpad to the hardware page
5/20/2004 Updated the port extender and ide-8 schematics
Added schematics for other expansions
5/13/2004 Emulator version 2.0 is now available
5/10/2004 Emulator version 1.9 is now available
Added Micro/Elf schematic to hardware section
4/23/2004 Emulator version 1.8 is now available
4/21/2004 Added 2 programs to the software page
Released bios v0.6
4/07/2004 Updated bios and added some Elf/OS information
Added Rc/Forth to software page
Update on Micro/Elf availability
3/30/2004 Updated emulator (unix and windows) to version 1.7
3/29/2004 Added IDE interface to both my emulator and Elf/OS Bios
Updated windows version of emultor to 1.6
3/26/2004 Added IDE interface schematics to hardware page
3/25/2004 Release emulator version 1.5
3/24/2004 Added Multiple DMA Selector to hardware page
3/23/2004 Bios v 0.3 released
3/23/2004 Updated information on Micro/Elf kits. Updated Elf/OS page
3/19/2004 Added pictures of Micro/Elf kit

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